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Meet Kayla


Kayla is the founder of Communicate With Me, Speech Therapy LLC. Kayla has experience working with both children and adults. She has served in home settings, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, public and private schools, and private practices. Kayla received her bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders from Southern Connecticut State University and her master's degree from Sacred Heart University.


Kayla is passionate about collaborating with family members, caregivers and other professionals that are a part of the client’s team in order to provide the best quality of care for the individual. She is a strong believer in client centered and individualized care. Kayla is an advocate for enhancing communication in all forms.  


Kayla’s love for speech and language came at a young age after watching her cousin struggle with verbal output. It was through the help of working with a speech pathologist where he learned alternate means of communication and eventually was able to gain verbal output as part of his overall communication tool kit. In that time, Kayla realized that communication was not only verbal. She realized you can communicate in many forms. Kayla has personally witnessed the positive impact that speech therapy had on her cousin's life and strives to provide that same service to others.

What Clients Say

"“Kayla is amazing at what she does. She has really connected with my son. He loves going to sessions with her because he has so much fun. She is enthusiastic, encouraging and patient. We feel so lucky to have her as a therapist. Our son has come so far and is making so much progress working with her. Thank you so much Kayla!”
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