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Our Therapy Services

Are you feeling overwhelmed or unsure where to start? 

Let us help you!

At Communicate With Me, Speech Therapy LLC we follow a 3-step approach to ensure your loved one receives the best services to fit their individual needs.

1. Comprehensive evaluation: This consists of standardized assessment(s), observation, developmental history and interviews. 

2. Treatment Plan Development: After the clinician completes the comprehensive evaluation, the clinician will then work with family/caregiver/client to discuss results and clinical recommendations. The clinician will discuss client strengths and areas to be targeted and will provide education on any questions asked. Communicate With Me, Speech Therapy LLC encourages family involvement to increase overall client success! 

3. Treatment: After discussing the results of the evaluation, the clinician will provide an outline of a treatment plan to the client and recommendations for the number of sessions the client would benefit from. Treatment will then take place using the customized treatment plan created by the therapist along with additional recommendations from family/caregiver/client. Again- we strongly believe in a collaborative approach! We have seen the most success with our clients using this method! 

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Comprehensive Evaluation 

Includes: Speech & Language, Feeding, Observations, Interviews 


Individual Evaluations: 

  • Speech & Language

  • Feeding

  • LSVT

  • Cognitive/Linguistic

  • Stuttering (Fluency) 


Our treatment sessions are typically 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour in duration. We offer: 

  • Individual Therapy 

  • Group Therapy 

  • Teletherapy 

  • Home Based Therapy 


Specific Treatment Approaches: 

  • PROMPT Therapy 

  • LSVT 



  • Picture Exchange System

  •  Social Communication Programs 

  • Memory 

  • Feeding & Swallowing 

  • Oral Musculature Strengthening 

  • Reading Intervention

Additional Services

Communicate with Me offers the following additional services:

  • Parent Education / Training 

  • Parent Counseling 

  • IEP / IFSP Advocate 



  • Clinician may travel up to 1 hour for treatment/evaluations 

  • 15% Mark up applies for travel cost/fees.

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